What have you done to improve your blog here is what did

What have you done to improve your blog here is what did

Are you a blogger? I guess your answer is yes and if you ask me my answer will equally be a capital YES but the question is what have you been doing all this while to improve your blog and when i say improving your blog i mean:
* What have you done to make your blog popular?
* What have you done to make Google love your blog more than others?
* Are you seeing any positive result after much work if not why?
Now you have fully understand what i meant by asking what you are doing to improve your blog and am sure you have an answer to my question but i have to tell you what i am working on to improve my blog as you know a healthy blog is equal to healthy income, you know what i mean!.

I optimized my theme for SEO

First thing i did on this blog was finding a good theme, optimized to be search engines friendly, i don’t actually like heavy designed themes i always like it simple and readable that’s all i want in any WordPress theme and i guess you own case might be different from mine, so when you host a blog buy premium theme if you can afford it if not manage free once around the web and upgrade later when you can, it helps a lot.

I visit More than 5-20 blogs daily

Yes visiting other peoples blog is a must for me and i really gained a lot doing it. Hey are you asking what i do when i visit those blogs? Well i visit just to learn from reading their post and i will always leave comment if it’s sounds interesting, which i gain more traffic and links by leaving a good comments that adds value to the original post, so try it make it a daily task and you will see how it works, it will also help your blog to stay healthy because that links you get through comments counts.

I subscribe to all related Niche

The truth is that bloggers hate subscribing to another peoples blog while they are busy asking others to subscribe for update in their blogs but for me i always subscribe without anyone asking me to. Because of the benefits:-
* Am always the first to know when new article is published, i will read it to learn and normally leave a comment and you know what it means if you are the first to comment in a popular blog with commentluv enabled, it means more traffic to your blog.
While others hate to subscribe for blog post i personally enjoy subscribing to all related blogs not only to read and comment but to increase awareness, you need to let other bloggers and their readers know that your blog exits.

I publish new Articles almost on daily basis

With my little experience the best SEO i know and believe is Publishing new articles more often because that is what search engines love most, example if you check some news site they rank higher because they always publish news on daily basis. though i don’t expect you to have all the time to write and publish new article but try and publish  regularly if you want to rank higher even more than some high authority sites, am witness to it, this blog is barely new but my traffic is not bad.

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I Have my time table

Time is the most important thing to any serious blogger you need to do things with time because there are much involved in blogging that requires your attention.

Example of how i manage my time

=> I have time to go around the web to read and comment on related blogs.
=> I mapped time to visit my Facebook followers/friends to answer some questions they may need answers which i might be of help.
=> I also map time to write articles and i don’t feel happy if miss my time for any reason.
=> i visit Google webmasters tools to see if any of my sites has critical issues or if i need to resubmit my sits maps etc.

Your turn now

It’s your turn now i have told you my little secretes so is your turn to let me know yours if you wish to share with me and the rest of my readers.