I have seen so many bloggers especially beginners thinking and believing that blogging is now a matter of luck not by hard work anymore do to numerous obstacles behind blogging.
Well as a blogger you might have encountered some obstacles that made you to think that being a successful blogger is all about being lucky but don’t worry after reading this article you will understand better and if you are one of those who don’t understand what it takes to become a successful blogger then read on, I will explain everything in details.

Does being successful blogger depends on luck or hard work

I know some bloggers ask their selves this question on daily basis but the truth is that you need both luck and hard work to be a successful blogger leaving anyone of them behind will be like Tea without Milk but when combined together then success will be a sure bet.

Why Hard work can never be left out

To be a successful blogger you must work extremely hard to achieve success, blogging is not as easy as some people think, using myself as example i happened to be one of those who read a lot about how to make money blogging bet believe me none of those articles will tell you how hard blogging is, they can only show you positive possibilities without showing you down side of blogging.

The first 2 blogs I started with is now nowhere to be found because i thought that blogging is all about writing and publishing and everything will work like magic not knowing anything like keyword research or anything about search engine optimization(seo) which is the first thing every blogger must learn and implement when writing a blog post.
If you are one of those who thought that blogging is easy please it requires lots of work and patience to become successful blogger.

What type of hard work

Yes when I say its requires hard work you may not understand it but let me make it more simple by listing out few works as required in blogging, let’s assume you have hosted and designed your blog as desired then below is the kinds of  works that follows:

#1 Create Quality and unique content for your blog

Creating Quality and unique articles for your blog is a huge task to every blogger, even if you can write great and unique content now what about tomorrow when you might think that you have written everything you know, though there are many ways of getting blog post ideas like forum discussion, social media sites and keyword researching etc.

#2 promoting your content

You should know by now that writing great articles is not enough you need to promote it using social media, article marketing and so on.

#3 Taking care of your blog SEO

Writing and promoting your blog post is still not enough, you need to Optimize your blog for SEARCH ENGINES Like Google and Bing so that you can rank higher and when you rank higher that means more traffic and more traffic means SUCCESS.
Note Search engine Optimization is classified into 2 parts namely On-page and off-page Optimization;
On-page Seo
On page search engine optimization simply means optimizing you blog pages examples:
=>Interlinking related post to each other
=>Making proper use of meta tags as required
=> optimizing you blog content with right Seo tools
Off-page seo
Off page search engines optimization means fixing some certain things outside your blog and one of the example of off-page seo is, building back-link from other peoples blog to help your blog rank higher in search engines but remember it will be great if you get back-links from related blogs or forums

#4 Exposing yourself

Hey you need to be known and recognized by other bloggers and as a new blogger how do you intend to let other bloggers know that your blog exist which we normally do by publishing guest post, blog commenting, social media etc.
Now after reading the above list of 4 things bloggers must take care of you can now see that its takes a lot to be a success blogger.

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Now is the time to explain more why I said we need luck to achieve success in blogging.

Why blogging required Luck to achieve success

If you don’t know that you need luck to be a successful blogger then you better believe it now if you don’t then let me give you one reason why you should believe that luck and hard work works hand in hand.

How you appear on Google

Have you ever written an article that looks great and unique even contains almost 800-1000+ words and yet you cannot rank or see it anywhere in Google search index? Despite researching for low keywords with high search volume this quest is for you to answer?

That you are ranking high in major search engines is like Google and Bing is by luck + hard work but the question is why! I will say that is because you worked hard and got lucky if not you will not see your post anywhere.

Another reason luck is involved is that search engines like Google can penalize you any day and anytime without you knowing what you did.
Finally remember that you are ranking high is not just that your article merited to be on front page because if you check well you will notice that someone else has written related and more quality article more than yours but still his nowhere to be found so that is why luck came into play here.

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Conclusion: One thing I want you to know is that you must believe that your hard work alone will not give you all you want you need some luck, all you need is to do the necessary things required as a blogger and always read other peoples post to get more experience, that has been my little secrete all this while I really read a lot.
Let me see what you have to say about this argument (if blogging is all about Luck or hard work alone)

What does it take to be a successful blogger is it by luck or hard work?
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