I must say that with my little experience in blogging, i noticed that new blogs faces a lot of challenges and hindrances which i will be sharing with you.
Lots of new blogs failed to stand because of the challenges and hindrances facing them but one thing is certain, a new blog will definitely become old and pro-blog once you are willing and ready to overcome the challenges and hindrances coming on your way when you finally start your new blog, without wasting much of your time let me list out the top 5 problems and challenges facing New blogs

New blogs

1. Getting comments to new blogs

Blog commenting is very important to every blog, because search engines likes highly conversational blogs, even though that people use it to spam their fellow bloggers just to get back-links or traffic to their own blogs but still we cannot do without blog commenting.

Getting comments to new blogs is one of the challenges facing new blogs, in today’s blogging, bloggers comment to blogs for the mere purpose of sharing traffic between one blog to another which they are not looking for new blogs but high traffic and high PR=2-10 blogs to comment.
Bloggers also looks for High PR blog and sites to get Backlinks, which new blogs cannot give them.

2. Getting subscribers in new blogs

Building email list is one of the things that determines the success of every Niche blogs, but getting subscribers to new blogs is not an easy task, you need to prove your self worthy in both your behavior and quality contents before you expect readers to subscribe to your mail list, no one will just subscribe to a new blog without knowing what the blog is good at and how helpful it can be to them.

3. Low to No traffic

Some bloggers get disappointed after blogging for few weeks and months without seeing much traffic to their new blogs.
Getting search engine traffic can really take sometime which is normal, you need to post your contents and give search engines sometime to crawl and position your blog according to your keyword rankings, the time search engines takes to crawl your site differs, all you can do is to keep posting quality contents and choose low competitive keywords.

4. Getting guest post to new blogs

Do you intend to outsource your blog contents, then getting guest bloggers can be hard unless you are willing to spend extra cash to pay independent writers who writes for money but if you really want guest post from those who write to gain exposure, traffic and back-links, then you hardly get one because they are looking for high PR4=10 to increase their blog rankings and traffic which they can never get from New blogs.

5. Recognition

Being recognized by other great bloggers all over the world will definitely take you sometime and great effort to achieve, pro-bloggers recognizes blogs with great potential when they see one, in other words, your hard work will expose you to your fellow bloggers.

In conclusion: blogging can be extremely hard to new bloggers but having in mind that new must become old someday, don’t let anything discourage you from reaching your destination, there is only one way to success when it comes to blogging which is vision, focused and hard working, you must also be willing and ready to learn from those who have stared before you, no one started as a professional we all made mistakes in one way or the other, believe in your self, if there is group of bloggers called pro-bloggers then work to meet and challenge them because they were once like you.

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I can’t wait to see your own opinion on this, you can as well add to the list the challenges facing new blogs

Top 5 problems and challenges facing new blogs today
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