I have come to realize that starting a blog is not the main problem facing bloggers but moving it forward is the biggest challenge we all need to admit.

Creating a blog might not be as hard as running it effectively and this article is all about knowing what it takes to run a blog and making it a success one.

Success is the primary target of every blogger but the road to that success is always narrow which you need to find a way to pass that narrow road in other to achieve success.

Achieving success in blogging demands lots of work from you to meet up with your competitors and if you can work day and night then do it because blogging is for the strong and smartest, while you are sleeping there are others working and while you are working others might be sleeping as well so you need to work harder to succeed as a blogger.

4 things you should always do to move your blog forward

How to move your blog forward

As stated above starting a blog is not the problem but moving it forward, to move your blog forward there are 4 things you should be doing regularly in other to become a successful blogger which is as follows:

Form the habit of writing and make it your hobby

How often do you write new articles and how do you enjoy writing, you really need to make writing your hobby if you need to be called a successful blogger in years to come.

I see writing as the hardest part of blogging because you need to write all the time to keep your blog updated, you might need to write articles to guest blog in your competitors blog as well.

Building links for your blog

Blogging is not all about writing and publishing good and highly informative articles but also involves in building links to gain some power out of other thousands of blogs/websites.
Building back-links is important if you really need to go far as a blogger but must be done in a right way to avoid harming yourself, everything should be natural when building links don’t try to use a tricky way to get links because the big G (Google) is not at sleep so be careful and trying not to break rules, do it the right way and you will never have any problems but gradual progress will be your portion.

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Read heavily to gain Knowledge

Am sure you know that writing unique articles requires lots of research especially if you like to write something good all the time, then you need to read other peoples articles to learn from their own knowledge and then add it more value when writing something similar.

You must admit you don’t know everything from birth you learn it from somewhere and that is the kind of knowledge you get when you research and read always.

Schedule your time properly

There is time for everything as they say also applies in blogging too; you need to schedule your time properly to meet up with your competitor.
As a blogger you need to be careful on how you manage your time because doing the right thing at the right time will help you to achieve your goals as a blogger.

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Time is an important factor when it comes to blogging because there are various things needed to be taking care of on daily basis and when you mange it well the outcome will be interesting.

Share your own experience on how we can move our blog forward to be able to standout

I believe there are many ways we can move our blog forward after hosting and installing it because creating blog is just the first stage as a beginner but how your blog grows its readership and visibility depends entirely on the hard work you have putting in, let me hear your own part of the story.

Starting a blog is not the problem but moving it forward
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