Social media is used by people to share content in their personal social networks. Social media provides

a complete platform to talk, respond, engage, and really listen to your fans. If you succeed in developing

a loyal social following, there is no doubt that Social media will transform you into new business.

It is important to build a relationship in business. But its importance in the business world is often

under-acknowledged, especially in contrast to the more specialized skills and expertise involved in

running a business. The effective relationship building is a crucial ingredient in business success and also

in the critical success factor.


Social media can able to create a dialogue between customers and business owners. In a customer’s

point of view, it has become real, by increasing the brand awareness. There is less disconnect and

customers now can get a sense of the people that make up your business. Your business takes on the

personality. At the same time, forums and blogs become a new venue for brand enthusiasts to come

together and discuss what you were offering. This can able to help inform, educate and eventually

attract potential customers to choose you instead of your competitors.

Meeting your business objectives like building business, increasing your brand awareness, increasing

your customer base and also making more sales, are no doubt key motivators of any social media

business strategy. It is very much important not to lose the focus on the process, and the key driving

force behind any solid and successful social media plan which is constantly building relationships that

you can count on.

Social media has quickly become the face of your business to your customers, so it is important for

companies to think of it like customer service on steroids and you must take the opportunity to show

everyone what it is like to interact and do business with you.

Social media is a great way to easily evaluate the competitors as well, by being able to monitor their

pages within the insight page. We can easily see what the competitors’ strategy by the types of content

they post and also see the effectiveness of it by looking their engagements and page likes. Not only

great for the business benefits, but social media is also a valuable tool to judge and beat the

competition. “In the social space, brands have an opportunity to build a great relationship with the

consumers and shoppers. Social customer service is the future of customer satisfaction.

Many companies see social media as one huge scoreboard the team with the most fans or followers


1. Try to be real and honest– Use the social media to promote and to exchange of real ideas, and

participate in the conversation in an authentic way.

2. Don’t examine your followers – be honest, they know they can trust us—and they’re incredibly loyal

as a result.

3. Don’t resist – Social media shouldn’t be used as a stopgap; it is an opportunity to engage with your

customer right then and there. Supply your social media person with the tools and knowledge to

respond directly, or let them find out the answer.

4. Find out your niche – Having a million followers is great. But what percentage of the group represents

your target customers? It is your core audience and that is most worth engaging via social media. It is

the people who like you from a recommendation from a friend or from your website who truly want to

connect with your brand.

5. Create brand ambassadors – Once you have found your niche, try to develop it. The reality is you

don’t need to convince everyone about the brand rather you need to find a few people who are likely to

convince others for you. To get them to do this, make sure you are worth talking about. Always deliver

outstanding customer service, engage them with some relevant promotions and contests and treat

them like people rather than the customers. Never take a customer for granted. Make them believers in

what you do. If those few people are excited about you, they will also share. Through sharing,

commenting and linking, they will help you spread your message.

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