Are you looking for Smf Mods that will add your desired features to your forum, you are at the right place at the right time.
Is true that there is thousands of SMF MODS all over the internet but the question is to know the once you need and the kind of features you are likely to get once installed.

Despite having thousands of smf mods around, you are sure required to choose according to your needs, not all of them is important to you while some of them is a must have for your simple machine forum (SMF).
smf mods

Must have smf mods

now let us look into some necessary and a must have smf mods with their various features, as you know Simple Machine Forum can never be complete without installing some required mods to make it complete, without wasting much of your time let me list out some recommended smf mods you need to have in your forum.

1. SEO Sitemap

You need seo sitemap to help search engines bots know about your site content structure and allow them index it more faster, you can also submit it to various Search Engines to help them index your contents accordingly.
SEO Sitemap is a must have mod to every SMF powered forums.

2. SimpleAds

SimpleAds mod is the best when it comes to ads placement, i have used smf Ad Management mod but i prefer SimpleAds over Ad management, simpleAds allows you to add ads all over the forum and also has the option of allowing or restricting guest while free Ad management mod don’t allow your ads to be viewable to your guest and you know what you could be missing.

3. Page Management

This mod gives you the ability to create/edit/remove additional pages on your forum just like a CMS (content management system) would. After the installation of this mod you will see the “Page Management” section in the control panel. After you create a new page the link to it will be added to the forum’s main menu. By editing the pages you can publish or hide any page, change permissions to make it viewable by any groups or limit who can view it based on the number of posts which you would specify.

4. Ultimate Profile

This modification will allow your users to customize their profiles just like they can on other social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Tagged… It is a great addition for building community around your SMF forum.

This modification also allows them to upload their own pictures which are then showed in their profile and can be organized in albums. Other users can post comments on someones profile or pictures.

5. Remove Index From Title

This mod is also good for SEO and makes your forum description title more beautiful “example” smf and wordpress guide-index it will just rename it to smf and wordpress guide removing -index from your forum title.

6. Add Facebook Like, Tweet, and Google +1

facebooktwitter and Google plus button As you can see above, this mod adds Facebook, twitter and Google plus button below your first post, and allows your forum members to share your contents on social networks.

7. Registered Links

smf registered link Registered links is a must have smf mod as you have seen above it restricts guest from viewing any link in your forum.
It encourages more registrations in your forum.

8. Advanced Recent Posts

This mod adds Recent post below your forum stats, it will help you forum members to quickly navigate to your latest post by just looking at the bottom of your forum.

9. Downloads System

Do you want to add download portal to your online community and share files with your members, then this mod will do the ticks for you with a few clicks.

10. Post_Board_Select

Post_Board_Select smf mod
With this smf mod you can start new topic from anywhere and select which board to post your topic from other boards, the image above will explain more of it.

11. Menu Buttons

Smf Menu Button mod allows you to easy add a menu taps in your forum, if you have a blog using wordpress you can simply use this mod to add blog menu tap to you forum header with a few clicks.

12. SA Facebook

This mod is one of the best SMF MODS, because of the outstanding features it has.
This mod allows you to add Facebook registration to your forum and allows your guest to register in your forum using their Facebook profile, it also allows your members to publish and invite their Facebook friends true their Facebook panel.

There are many smf mods i will post later but for the main time enjoy your self with this wonderful list of smf mods.

NOTE: Make sure you check the version of your smf before and see if the mod you want to install is compatible with your smf version and also backup your files in case if something goes wrong.

If you are searching for any particular smf mods don’t hesitate to ask a question below.

SMF Mods recommended for your forum
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