Seo tutorial for beginners and advanced bloggers, am sure you have seen lots of seo tutorial all over the internet, but i am here to show you some other ways of improving your search engine ranking and when your search rankings increases you traffic will also increase marvelously.

In simply terms when i say search engine ranking i mean you positions in search engines SERPs, like Google, Bing etc, as we all know good search engine rankings means more targeted Traffic and more traffic equals more Money and success which is the dream of every blogger.
Seo tutorial

After this article Seo tutorial you will be able to improve your blog/website searching rankings, now let get to know SEO more.

Why this seo tutorial

You really need to know more about Search Engines Optimization (seo), i was one of those who failed for the first time because of lack of knowledge which i will write about soon, blogging without knowing seo is like going to school without Pen and papers.

Too much competitions

Do you really think that you are the only one who write and publish information online for people to read, hell no. there are thousands of other bloggers writing and publishing the same similar information on the net, now the question is how can you rank well in search engines in other to appear first before your competitors, which you also know that appearing first in search engines means more traffic depending on the keyword and search volumes.

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Let head to our main topic Seo tutorial which can help you appear first before your competitors:

Write quality Content

Without no doubt the quality of your content plays a major role in SEO, the only thing seach engines is looking for is to provide the best results at of other hundreds of result, how would you feel if you blog post is happened to be the chosen one out of hundreds (100+), the only way to achieve it is by writing quality articles.
When i say quality articles i mean a helpful articles that provides complete information or provides solutions to peoples problem, good articles is also very easy to understand.

Write complete articles

I must tell you that you should be more concerned about how many words that makes up your articles, search engines tends to go for articles with more explanations and contains more words than one’s with little sentences and paragraphs, a good and complete article should contain at least 500+ words.

Always write your articles in full details, by cutting it into stages, with examples because that is what search engines looks for (complete and helpful articles).

Use Meta tages properly

When i started my first blog i knew nothing about meta tags and it contributed to my problem.
Blogging is not all about Hosting and installing wordpress you need to learn all the tricks to make your blog visible and healthy.

Meta tags used are as follows:
#1. Title of your post: Your post title plays a major role in your search engine rankings, your post title is what people sees when your post appears in search result and you need to choose a promising title for your post which can increase the chances of getting more click from search engines, also make sure you included your target keyword in your post title for better search engines rankings.

#2.Meta description:
Meta description is also one major thing to take a look at properly before publishing a post, Meta description works hand in hand with your post title.
Your post title is like your name while meta description is your color.

Always try to use attractive Meta description in you post to increase the chances of more clicks from search engine results.
#3.Meta keyword: You can associate your keyword with your post, though Google said that they don’t use it any more to determine webpage rankings but many bloggers still uses it, not minding if they still use it or not, moreover what about other search engines that might still be using it.
#4. Post Meta tags: This is a particular and related word that represents your entire post, but remember to use more related and best described words for your post tags.

H1 to H6

using H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 tags was like a big story when i started blogging because i read about it online but still don’t know how to use it, but thank God i later learned it.
it’s clear that your post title has H1 TAG, one of the first mistake i made was adding additional H1 tag forgetting that H1 tag is required to use only one per post as recommended by Google.

Now without going too far let me give you an example of how to use H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 and H6 tags

Let me use my self as example:

<h1>MY self</h1>

Yes since am using my self as example the title should be my self.


my name should be subheading and should use h2 tag


another subheading is now Nigerian which should go with the h3 tag if you wish.

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The same example goes with H4,H5 and H6 tags.
NOTE: you my decide to use H2 tag or anyone you wish in all of your post apart from your title also remember that search engines tends to consider H1 and H2 tag more important than others.

I have actually come to an end of this SEO TUTORIAL and i hope you have learn from the little i share and world be more grateful if you can ask or contribute to this Seo tutorial

Seo tutorial that will improve your blog search engines rankings
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