Promo Nigeria and Adynamo which one is better

Promo Nigeria and Adynamo is the only Ad networks available to all Nigerian Bloggers and allows them to earn money online and withdraw it so easily by paying them directly to their bank accounts unlike Adsense checks.

Th problem many Nigerian Bloggers face with this two ads networks (Promo Nigeria and Adynamo) is that none of them seems to be trustworthy of doing business with, personally i have tested both of them and i can tell you that for now i can’t say that anyone of them is better than other and if you are interested in knowing how both of them works then read on, you will see the differences between PROMO NIGERIA and ADYNAMO, without wasting much of your time let look at how Promo Nigeria and Adynamo works in details.
Best between Promo Nigeria and Adynamo ads

How Promo Nigeria works

First i will recommend you to read My Bad Experience with Promo Nigeria they are not worth trying after reading my bad experiene with Promo Nigeria you will understand better.

Promo Nigeria is a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad Network that currently Runs Nigerian based ads and working to extend their business to other African Countries.

Promo Nigeria started few months ago and looks promising at first but unfortunately they started with lies by promising their publishers that their cost per click is 10 naira but the truth is that what they pay is 5 naira per click and reducing their cost per click is not the problem because i know that they has the right to make some changes when necessary but with official notice to their publishers before making such changes.

About Promo Nigeria Ads Impressions

When i started with Promo Nigeria their Ads impressions can earn you some kobo’s or Naira depending on the volume of your website traffic suddenly everything about their ads impressions stopped and as of date Promo Nigeria Ad Impressions is no longer working, that is to say you earn nothing through impressions which means no clicks no money for you.

What Others are complaining about Promo Nigeria

I really researched about Promo Nigeria Before i decided to try them, what many bloggers complain about is that Promo Nigerian reduced their earnings below trash hold when ever they reached their payment trash hold, some bloggers also complain about paying them below #5 per click, as for me what i see per click is #5 and i have not reached their trash hold before i quite so there is no way for me to find out about Promo Nigeria reducing Earnings.

My final say about Promo Nigeria

Promo Nigeria is still one of the best Adsense alternative for Nigerian’s and am not trying to promote or to say bad thing about them if not true, even though they might not be perfect as expected but i still believe they can be better once they are ready to make some positive changes and i suggest you should try them and see how it works for you and if you don’t like them you can quite.

How Adynamo Ads works

Adynamo and Promo Nigeria has a lot in common, you can earn some $$ with Adynamo through PPC just like Promo Nigeria but the difference is that Adynamo does not specify the amount they pay per clicks it differs just like Google Adsense, it can be anything from #1m to #15 per click but the Good thing about them is that their Ads Impression works Good you can still earn some cash through impressions without clicks.
Almost every Nigerian Bloggers who does not use Google adsense uses Adynamo

What others are saying about Adynamo

i saw lots of Bloggers complaining the same thing they complained about Promo Nigeria long time ago but recently i have not hard any bad news about Adynamo and i have been seeing Adynamo ads on so many blog which means they have made a positive changes that actually attracted more publishers for them.
I will not say for sure how Good Adynamo Ads works because it has been long now when i tried them and am sure somethings has changed.


As a blogger you should love to experiment all the time, reading all i said about Promo Nigeria and Adynamo should not discourage you from checking them out to find out the one that works and suits your blog.
Both Promo Nigeria and Adynamo is not bad even though they might not be perfect for now i still believe they can still become one of the best in few years to come.

I suggest you try both of them to learn and pick the one that works best for your and if you have tried them and whats to share your own experiences with us feel free to do that below using the comment box.

Other recommendations

Adynamo and Promo Nigeria works best for Nigerian Based Publishers but when it comes to General advertising that pays more and trustworthy of doing business with, you should try Google Adsense which is the reading PPC Ad Network or the two recommeded ad Network works great, use them if your blog contents targets different countries .