Promo Nigeria Ads opportunity for publishers and advertisers

Promo Nigeria Ads opportunity for publishers and advertisers

Have you hard about Promo Nigeria Advertising Network which is now another great opportunity for Nigerians to advertise their product and make money online with their blog/websites, Promo Nigeria Advertising actually looks and works great when i tested it and i will recommend Nigerians to use it to advertise their product or to make money when registered as a publisher, Promo Nigeria Advertising has a room for Advertisers and publishers just like Google Adsense.

Promo Nigeria Advertising

Promo Nigeria Advertisers account

Do you want to reach out Nigerians in a massive way then you should try promo Nigeria Advertising Network because they are specifically for Nigerians only.
If you have any product of any kind to promote and sell in Nigeria then promo Nigeria is the best option and to the beauty of it, they have 3 packages for you namely: Web Advertising, Social Advertising and SMS Advertising below is the reasons i see them as the best option and i will start with their Web Advertising:.

Promo Nigerian Web Advertising

Web Advertising is a means of promoting and showcasing your product and services to Nigerians through websites and web blogs, below is the reasons you should try promo Nigeria to advertise your product in NIgeria.

Easy to use

Promo Nigeria Advertising is pretty easy to use all you need is to signup and with few clicks your ads will be up and running.

Not expensive to run your web ad

Promo Nigerian ad is not as expensive as other advertising Network, their monthly advertising plan goes like this:
PLAN A = #15,000 MONTHLY
PLAN B = #40,000 MONTHLY
PLAN C = #75,000 MONTHLY
PLAN D = #140,000 MONTHLY

As you can see above they have many plans you can chose from according to your targets, when you chose to promote your product through web advertising then it means you product will be on hundreds and thousands of websites and blogs

Promo Nigerian social Advertising

Social Advertising is another means of promoting your product and services on social media like Facebook and twitter you can as well increase your Facebook fans and Twitter followers through Promo Nigeria Social Advertising and costs is as follows:
They also run Social media cost per click ad plans which enables you to prmote and showcase your product on Facebook and twitter.
To know more about about promo Nigeria visit them. Promo Nigeria Ad plans

Promo Nigeria Publishers

Do you have a website or personal blogs, this is the time for your to Maximize revenue from your Online Content especially if you receive lots of traffic from Nigeria.
I personally like them, their mode of services is not bad at all, you can even earn a lot more through ad impressions not to talk about clicks.

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As a promo Nigeria Ad publisher you have control over the types of ads that can appear on your pages, and can block anyone of them you don’t like.

How promo Nigeria ad works for publishers

You need to make your website ad spaces available by pasting ad codes on your site, where you want the adverts to appear.

About Promo Nigeria cost per clicks and Payout

You get paid #10/click on all Promo Nigeria ads on your website. They pay directly to your bank account at the end of every month provided you exceed N3,000. Earning below the minimum payout and when your earnings is below #3000 they will roll it over to the new month until your earnings reached the #3000 minimum payout.

How to get started with promo Nigeria

Signup for a free member account from promo Nigeria login to your account,

click on My Ad Channels and then New Ad Unit, proceed to copy the ad unit/slot code which you should insert into your blog or website.

SMS Advertising

SMS Marketing on Promo Nigeria offers first of its kind mobile marketing platform for Nigeria SMEs that enables advertisers to run highly targeted campaigns on mobile phones, It gives you the power to target your ads, targeting can be based on product interests specified by the advertiser, Age, Gender, Income, Location, etc. They also have the largest database of its kind and still growing on daily basis.

Important Note: After registering with them you can insert your ad codes immediately but you must send you website address to or to avoid banning you from their service because they need to check your site manually to make sure its not a spam site.

The Good news about promo Nigeria Adverting Network

According to promo Nigeria they specified their cost per clicks for their ads which is #10 and i can say that #10 per click is not bad compared to one of Nigerian Ad Network i cannot mention their name that pays #1 to #2 per clicks.

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Another opportunity you can utilize from promo Nigerian is their REFERRAL PROGRAM which you can earn up to #1000 for referring one advertiser or publisher which i will say is a huge amount of money and if you can be able to refer 10 advertisers or publishers then you can be sure of #10,000 in one month, so what are you waiting for check them out HERE