Google Adsense made couple of changes recently and i decided to share it with you and see what you have to say about it, when i started blogging i had lots of complaints from bloggers and webmasters in general about how hard Google Adsense team was on them, some even ended up calling them one thing or the other but frankly speaking things really changed now and that changes is what we are going to discuss one after the other.
Without wasting much of your time let look at the changes made by Google Adsense team recently and probably some of the previous complaints from webmasters.

Google Adsense Banning

Google Adsense is one of the best Monetization option for many bloggers and webmasters which some of them earned a living through Google Adsense but one biggest fear among all is that horrible message “AD SERVING IS DISABLED” this particular mail is what every webmasters using Google Adsense don’t dream to see in his/her entire life but unfortunately there is only one way out which is playing by the rules by making sure you understand and follow Google Adsense Teams of service(TOS) which is very strict, any single mistake will get you either permanently banned or if you are lucky they will reconsider you.

Changes made by Google Adsense

I am happy that the kind of news i see on daily basis about Google Adsense banning has reduced to 20 percent at of 100, Google has actually made Good changes concerning the way they treat their publishers.

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It’s true that some people intentionally go against their rules do to their greediness while some don’t even know what they are doing wrong until they receive that shocking mail form Google Adsesne but now they hardly ban their publisher without a warning depending on the kind of offense committed, i even know some of my friends who received a warning mail and was temporarily disabled once they cleaned up the mess everything was restored.

New Revenue Optimization Scorecard

Google Adsense Revenue Optimization scorecard

Google adsense revenue optimization scorecard is to help publishers to know their earning optimization level and possible ways to optimize it for better earning.

Main features of the revenue optimization scorecard

When you look at the above image, with we have on the revenue scorecard is as follows:

Revenue optimization

Under revenue optimization we have

Recommended ad formats: To optimize your adsense earnings you need to enable appropriate ads formats which can increase you earnings and the revenue optimization scorecard will let you know when you are using recommended ads formats.

Text and image ads enabled: Adsense scorecard also checks to see if you are using text and images as recommended, even though some publishers believes that text ads works best for them, Google Adsense scorecard still shows that enabling text and image ad can improve earnings

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– Crawler errors: This feature is extremely useful to me, it shows you how easy or hard your site is when adsense bots tries to crawl your site, they need to crawl your content so that they can be able to display relevant ads which will increase your earnings.

Site Health

Under site health you will see Page speed performance
Which enables publishes to know how healthy their site especially when it comes to speed, a fast loading site will enable them display ads fast which will increase ad clicks and earnings.


They also want to know how your social presence is, Under Google+ we have:
– +1 button added: You need to add +1 button to your site when it comes to social optimization
– +Page created: You need to create google plus page for your website to increase your social activate.
– +Page badge implemented: You need to create and add you Google plus badge on your site to allow others know more about your site and probably follow you.

Publishers Hangout

Adsense team has also introduced publishers hangout where they teach publishers how to increase their earnings and above all how to understand and stay compliant to their TOS, which means that the last thing Google want is to ban you and that is why they make out time to help their publishers understand their policy.

All i mention above was all the recent changes made by Google adsense, you should utilize it or if you have already started using it let us know your experience

New changes made by Google Adsense they are now friendly