I received a mail from Hostgator today about their upcoming New Affiliate System and i decided to share the info to you guys.
You might be aware that Hostgator lost many of their affiliate partners due to their in accurate affiliates system that they are using, that resulted even when someone register an account using your unique affiliate link you will still not be credited but am happy today as they decided to try something different this time.

See the New Affiliate System news from Hostgator:
Hostgator new affiliate system
We are excited to announce that we are close to launching a new HostGator affiliate system, powered by Impact Radius! Equipped with your feedback and suggestions, we have found a system that will provide you with everything you’ve been asking for and more! Here are answers to a few of the first questions you might be thinking about:

Why are we moving to a new affiliate system?
The Impact Radius platform will provide our affiliates with a much more comprehensive system. There will be a ton of new options for affiliates when it comes to tracking and reporting.

Will I have to switch out my affiliate links and custom coupon codes?
You will NOT! The new system will read your current link structure as well as your current custom coupon codes! However, if you would like to switch to the new link structure, you are able to do that as well.

Will I have to create a new account with all my information?
Nope! We will be migrating over our current affiliate accounts over the next few weeks. Once the new system generates the account with your information, it will send you an email with a link to create a password for your account.
If you are already an Impact Radius member, we will simply push you an offer to join our program.

New Affiliate System Coming Soon! (Hostgator News)
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