My Bad Experience with Promo Nigeria they are not worth trying

My Bad Experience with Promo Nigeria they are not worth trying

Promo Nigeria is a new advertising network created to promote product and services specifically for Nigerians but unfortunately they turned out to be something different from what they say, am not trying to say something bad about them but i will say the truth and i hate it when you says white and i later sees black.

Recently i even promoted them without any agreement of any kind just when i tried them for the first time and thought they where Good until i found out that they are nothing but greedy and liars, sorry to say it, personally i hate it when you are not being truthful to people who relied on you.

My bad experience with Promo Nigeria

I will start by telling you my experiences with Promo Nigeria so that you will understand clearly the  reason why i said that Promo Nigeria is not worth trying unless you don’t have any better alternative to monetize your blogs or other websites but i bet you there are other ways 100% better than using Promo Nigerian but the choice is entirely yours not mine.

I started using Promo Nigeria on my Forum  and everything worked well within six days of testing, i was seeing earnings though they are nothing to compare to Google Adsense but as far as Nigeria is concerned they looked best among other based Nigerian ad network but after 6 (six) days testing, something strange happened.

My earnings  suddenly decreased to nothing for no reason because i have never clicked on it for once, even all the impression i got disappeared, all i could see is :-

1 CLICK = #5

2 CLICKS = #10

5 CLICKS = #25

Promo Nigerian Earnings

According to the examples above you can see that their cost per click is now #5 no longer #10 as they claimed, also the above examples shows that there is nothing like ad impressions as they claimed, my question is why do they have to  promise something they they can’t fulfill, below is what they wrote on their website which is entirely lie.
You get paid N10/click on all Promo Nigeria ads on your website. We pay directly to your bank account at the end of every month provided you exceed N3,000. Earning below the minimum payout threshold, is rollover to the new month.
The above statement is nothing but a lie, as far as i can tell there is nothing like ad impressions when using Promo Nigeria cancel #10 per click because what i see is #5 per clicks which you will need 600 clicks in one month to earn #3000 which is their minimum payout.

Is Promo Nigeria Affiliate of #1000 per referral real

This question is one of the question most of the people ask about promo Nigeria and i will still say that they are not worth to be trusted once they failed to maintain #10 naira per click as they promised.

#1000 naira per referral is hug i guess but trust me i will still wait to hear the testimonies of those who earned money through their referring program and i also referred some people who is also complaining about their bad experiences with Promo Nigeria and i feel responsible for that pain because i told them how Good Promo Nigeria is not knowing that Promo Nigeria is something else and that is why i decided to use this article to correct that mistake, below is what they say about their referral program:

Promo Nigeria referral program pays N1,000 for every 
advertiser or publisher referred to join the Promo Nigerian 
advertising platform and publishers network. Find below your referral 
link and ad banners which you are expected to paste on your website, 
or facebook pages. You can design up own banners to ease your 
marketing activities.

To get paid your referral earnings the advertiser must have at least one advert or the publisher must have successfully gotten a payout. This measure is taken to avoid automated signups.

My question now is how would you know when the publisher you referred received his /her first payment or when the advertisers made his first deposit, there are no track code for such a thing.


I don’t write this to hurt anyone, am only trying to tell  you the truth about Promo Nigeria because it sounds bad to me when deceiver others to join their network which they started with lies.

If you have tried promo Nigeria or have anything to say about Promo Nigeria i will love to hear your own part of the story