Do you own a new site and desperately what to improve Alexa page Rank of your site, well you have nothing to worry about if that is the case.
This post is strictly for those who needs solutions on how to improve their Alexa page Rank from 4,xxx,xxx to 20,xxx, i know how hard it can be for new blogs to have good Alexa page rank, though the question remains what is Alexa page rank and why you need to care about it.

What is Alexa page rank

Alexa is one of the leading provider of free, global web metrics.
You can also use Alexa search to discover the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country.
Alexa serves as web analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development.
Alexa page Rank

Alexa page rank is actually determined by the percentage of your blog or website visitors, website with high volume of visitors will Rank Low in Alexa page rank index, the more visitors you receive will result in low ranking, low ranking means more popular.
Alexa has Global and Regional traffic ranking.

Alexa Global traffic Ranking

Global Alexa page rank is regarded as your worldwide traffic page rank, if you rank 10th in your Alexa global page rank then your are the number ten most popular website in the world.

Alexa Regional page rank

Regional traffic rank is determined by a particular country that visits your site more than other countries, example Facebook has the Alexa page rank of 1 globally and 2 regionally while Google has the Alexa page rank of 2 globally and 1 regionally.

Global Ranking   Regional Ranking
Facebook = 1      USA = 2.
Google =   2      USA = 1.

The above instances shows you more about Global and Regional Alexa traffic page rank which shows that Google takes first position in USA and will be regarded as the most popular website in USA while Facebook takes first position in Global ranking and will be regarded as the most popular website in the world.

Why you need good Alexa page rank

Well having good Alexa page rank is good sign that shows how popular your blog is and that will bring more online opportunities for you because advertisers is looking for popular websites to reach their targeted audience which they determine sometimes by just checking your blog or website Alexa traffic ranking, but to achieve a good ranking is always hard for new blogs.

There are other ways to improve your Alexa page rank which is why we are here, without wasting much of your time, i will show you the 2 website tried and trusted that can help you increase your blog traffic instantly and will help you reduce your Alexa page rank from 4,XXX,XXX to 1,XXX,XXX in just one week.

Social Media helps bloggers to get traffic to their blog at least for your new blog, before you start seeing traffic from search engines, i recently shared top 4 social sharing sites which you can use to get 10,000+ facebook likes and twitter followers including unlimited traffic to your blog, but among all the 4 top social sharing site i will recommend 2 of them that will give you instant traffic and increase your Alexa page rank over night.

Link Colider: This site is the best among all the social sites i have tested, i am not telling you what someone told me but what i tried and trusted.
Link colider is a social sharing site that let you follow and like your desired social profile if other bloggers and in return give you unlimited traffic, Facebook likes and twitter followers, with this sites you will see instant result, you don’t need to wait for minutes or days.

How to use it: All you need to do is register with them HERE and set your site and your social media account, participate by either visiting other people blog like other peoples fan pages and get you own token to see instant traffic to your blog, continue for one week i bet you, your Alexa page rank will be dancing to the low end.

Social Birth: Social Birth is one of the best social site that can give you instant traffic and help your Alexa traffic ranking to move downward.
There is other social sharing site which you can find HERE but the 2 i mentioned above is the best when it comes to traffic.

Other things that can help your Alexa page Rank

All i mentioned above is just a shortcut that can help you improve your Alexa traffic Rankings for those who needs it Desperately but to follow the right rule is to work hard for your blog traffic, example:
=> Build links to have more site linking in
=> post quality content, get indexed by search eingines and get popular within months and years,
=> Join advertising campaign to get more and targeted traffic etc,

These are the tricks i have for you, feel free to add your own suggestions and share your experience below..

How to smash alexa page rank of your blog in one week
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