How To make your blog popular and visible

In the blogging world, no one is perfect no matter how long you have been into it, though we have pro and newbie bloggers but still no one knows all or does it perfectly.

I will be sharing with you in this post, many things you need to know on how to make your blog visible, it will be useless if no one knows that your blog exist, the dream of every blogger is to achieve success and become one of the leading blogs in the world but I bet you, the road to success is always narrow, is only those who worked hard towards the narrow ways of blogging that reaches their destinations.

blog visibility

Without wasting much of your time I will be sharing some tricks that can help you improve your blog visibilities in so many ways and will help you achieve blogging success, below is the simple tricks that can help you to move your blog to the next level.
blogging tricks
Not promoting other people’s blog

This might sound funny to you but am just trying to tell you the secret of blogging you might not be aware of, to promote your blog you need to promote your competitors blog and get a lot in return.

Now the question is how to promote your competitors blog and promote your own blog at the same time, below is few ways of promoting your competitor’s blog and promote you’s as well.
Blog Commenting

Yes, you can really promote other people’s blog and promote you’s at the same time, I was reading Google’s webmasters guideline and they specifically Encourage webmasters to concentrate more on their website/blog conversation rate, example a blog without good conversation rate will actually go nowhere but guess what? Blog commenting play a major role when it comes to blogging conversation rate.

Blogs with higher conversation rate are likely to rank higher than a blog with great content but low or no conversations, you might be asking how does it help you:

When you comment heavily in a blog you will be noticed not only by the visitors but by the blog owner himself and he will also wish to visit your blog to check out the guy who participate heavily in his blog and probably return the favor, I have seen great bloggers visiting and commenting on my blog do to my participation in their own blog.

Am sure you know that commenting on a blog with commentluv enabled will generate not just traffic but targeted traffic to your blog once you have your latest post by the side of your comment.

Getting back-links is also one of the reasons to comment in other people’s blog, is no longer a news that blog commenting is one of the best and easy ways to get backlinks that will help your blog ranking.

These are the things you will gain when you participate in your competitor’s blog but note, don’t spam all in the name of building back-links and traffic, keep it clean and real by reading the post first and leaving a good and related comment.
Not subscribing to blog post and comment

Well this is entirely up to you to subscribe to a blog post or not but believe me, you have a lot to gain when you subscribe to related blogs, as for me I subscribe to both comment and post, now let look at the benefits:
Notice when there is new post

Yes, i specifically subscribe to a blog post to know when they have a new post and I normally rush to be the first to read it and probably leave a comment which might bring traffic to your own blog.
More Knowledge

To gain more knowledge is one of the first reason I subscribe to related blogs, be you pro or newbie blogger you still need to read and learn from other peoples post, what makes me who I am today is because I visit and read a lot of online posts just to get ideas and also improve my own writing skills.

All the above tips are what I tried and it worked great, let me know what you think or contribute to the above-mentioned tricks.