How to know when the zeal for blogging is dying out of you

How to know when the zeal for blogging is dying out of you

Blogging is a good thing for me and i enjoy it to the fullest but there are things i thought you should know, starting a blog might be easy for some people but maintaining it is always the problem because you zeal for blogging might not always be the same.

Truly you might actually start your own blog with great passion and ambitions but along the line  you might equally feel weak or even think about selling your blog just because you are unable to keep it going.

This article is all about knowing when the zeal for blogging is no long the way it was when you started which is normal and if you feel that way then you need to continue reading this post till the end to learn how you can overcome it and when you should notice danger and take necessary precautions

When you should take cover

Now let me explain more how you can know when the zeal for blogging is dying out of you and possible solutions to keep your blog updated and stay focused, initially i wrote Tips to overcome blogging weakness and laziness Which you can also read to overcome some of your blogging problems, now let head to when to know that your zeal for blogging is depreciating.

When you depend on guest authors to provide articles for your blog

Are you now feeling weak that you can’t even think talk more of writing something down for your blog, well i guess that is always the case and when things like that happens you will be looking for guest contributors to provide articles for you, well is OK to open your blog for guest contributors but don’t use it as an excuse to relax and stop working hard as you used to work when you started, you need to keep moving to be able to achieve your dreams.

Waiting to write only when you want to publish

You don’t actually need to write your articles only when you want to publish them, you need to keep writing as many articles as you can and published when ever you wish,  doing it that way you will always keep your blog updated without feeling the pains.

The truth is that if you scheduled to be publishing a post maybe two times a week you needs to be writing something regularly in other to maintain it, sometimes when you are too much occupied  or suddenly felt weak then you can use those articles you wrote when you where less busy and that is the benefit of writing articles always without waiting until when you want to publish them.

When you don’t feel like going Online

Well you always hear about pro-bloggers, what do you think that adds PRO instead of normal bloggers? they are called pro simple because they got more experience more than you not that they are born as pro-bloggers or because they are more brilliant then you HELL NO! is because they have been researching, experimenting and implementing what they learned nothing more, why not follow that steps and you will definitely be called PRO BLOGGER in next months or years to come.

Using my self as an example i always stay and research online just to know more about the things i don’t know and my heart desire is to know at least a little in everything, researching online also gives me the idea of what i need to write for my blog so you need to be researching  and reading a lot  online to increase your knowledge.


I understand that being a blogger is a good thing and i can imagine how happy you are to be called a blogger but the truth is that blogging can be hard sometimes especially when you started newly, when no one cares for you or your blog unless you are willing to pay for everything but there is a way out.

Use your Dreams to Overcome Obstacles

This is the only way out, you need to use your dreams to overcome your obstacles, as a blogger you must be seeing negative and positive sometimes, example no blogger will be happy to see that his/her blog traffic is heavily dropping but things like that do happen all you need to do is to keep your head straight and keep working hard but you can’t work harder without remembering your dreams

Your Dreams: What are the things that made you to start a blog, is it to make money, for fun or to sell your product online, no matter what your dreams are you can definitely reach to your destination if only you don’t allow all the obstacles behind blogging to pull you down, some pro-bloggers who have achieve so much online started as from last 8-3 years ago why don’t you keep working hard and see what happens when you reach to that level.