For Great SEO Results, Web Video is The Key

SEO services are steadily growing and thriving day by day. It is very hard to pick up new SEO technologies and updates, but it is necessary to build a smart SEO process. By the updating of Google Panda and Penguin, many of us have realized that it is just not a mean to link building. It has some additional features, opportunities to build SEO etc. Overall, it is about to create high quality content along with links to attract users naturally all over the time.
There are many experimental strategies and methods to build SEO ranks. And the most potential and interesting one is video promotion. It is still underutilized even everyone knows its role. And some SEO’s are unaware about online video or they don’t show any interest on it. Instead they are concentrating in content writing, image sharing, forum participation, article or blog posting etc.

vdo seo

As per the study on Google search traffic, it shows online video is a great tool for SEO promotion rather than all other forms if correctly used. It can make a notable contribution for your SEO rankings. There are some SEO metrics for using video to increase your search engine rankings
• Improved SERP rank
• Higher CTR
• Lower bounce rates
• Quality backlinks
Need Short and Sparking Video:
The best strategies for making your video SERP is by keeping your video short but sparking. Better it should be less than 4 minutes, because the involvement rate falls down if it is too long.
Enrich your video by Snippets:
Don’t forget to create rich video snippets, it will show the users a little more about the video content. YouTube will create the thumbnails or snippets automatically for you related to the video, but check about its relevancy. Don’t let it to make a dirty work. And just remember, a good snippet can attract your users directly to the YouTube. The rate of video clicks by users is larger than plain text.
Google is good at parsing video content meaningfully, but it is better if the text is transcribed. It will help the spiders crawl your content for relevance.


Video makes the page sticky:
Your viewers are lazy and they never want to watch each video for a long time. So it should be short but thriving. Such videos will catch viewers’ attention and make them sticky on the page. Means, it is the easiest way to make them stay on the page.
A good video silently communicate with the viewers that the content is going to be special and it has something special for you. A video is informative and interesting for all the viewers and SEO’s. It can communicate easily with the viewers and allows them to go for a sample before getting in to a lengthy article. It is a great source to create backlink to your website.
Adaptable Ideas for link Building through Video:
• You can embed your video in your website or anywhere than building links to youtube.
• Try to avoid creating video with multiple ideas or topic. Only single niche videos get rated
• Always create high quality and short video. It will seem professional