You just started your blog and needs to learn some Blogging tips to improve your blog rankings and visibilities, then you are at the right place, before the end of this post you will learn the basic blogging tips that will help you move your blog to a greater height.
Blogging tips

To be a successful blogger you need to learn the basic blogging tips, many bloggers has changed from newbie/beginner to pro-bloggers simply because they have been on it for a long time and have learned all the blogging tips and tricks that made them to grow from beginner to pro-bloggers.

Blogging tips

Now we will be heading to our main topic blogging tips, and when i said blogging tips i meant to list out all the necessary steps by steps blogging tips especially for those who came into blogging newly, sometimes new bloggers don’t normally know where to start and how to move their blog forward, but after reading this post you will get better by knowing this few blogging tips, below is the list of effective blogging tips you must follow to be a successful blogger.

Time management

This is the most essential part of blogging, proper time management is one of the blogging tips and its highly required to achieve success in blogging world.

For newbies/beginners, first thing to do is to have your blogging timetable which i also have mine, though your timetable must be accurate to avoid doing the right thing at the wrong time, if i am to help you in this part let look at the right steps after creating your blog.

Designing your blog

Yes we all know that the first thing to do after hosting your blog is to design it either by using professional designed themes which i recommend StudioPress Themes or you can search for thousands of free wordpress themes all over the internet.

Post quality articles

After hosting your blog the next step is to write quality articles based on your Niche, don’t think about any other thing without having about 10 or more quality articles in your blog and must be able to update it with new articles regularly.

Comment to other blogs

One of blogging tips to improve your blog visibilities is by commenting to your competitors blog, you will not only gain traffic but also gain backlinks but your comment must be unique and related to the post itself, don’t spam keep it 100% real by reading the post first.

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You must not worry about commenting to blogs without having at least 10+ articles in your blog to avoid 100% bounce rate, when you don’t have anything useful in your blog your blog bounce rate will be at the highest level because anyone who followed your comment in other peoples blog will be disappointed, am sure you don’t want that to happen, then you need to learn how to do things at the right time.

Write Guest Post to related blogs

Am sure you have had about guest post which is one of the best blogging tips bloggers use to get exposure and quality backlinks to their blogs, almost every bloggers uses it these days, but for new bloggers you must start guest blog at the right time to avoid harming your self, all of the above steps must be followed accordingly before thinking of guest posting to other blogs, if you ask me what is the need of writing guest post for a blog that has no contents to welcome its visitors, that is why you need to complete the above steps before thinking about guest post, now you have known some few steps to follow when your new blog is finally on air, let continue.

Subscribe to all related blogs post

I know you will be asking why! but subscribing to all related blog post is one of my blogging tips i use and have seen the great impart.

When you subscribe to a blog you will be able to receive a notification once there is new post in that particular blog, when you notice that there is new post rush and read the post and probably leave a comment, when you are the first to comment in any comment luv enabled blogs with your latest post beside your comment it will definitely generate more targeted traffic to your blog because you comment is the first comment every guest will see.

You have seen my secrete blogging tips you might not be aware of, bloggers always beg and trick their visitors to subscribe to their blog but for me its always my pressure to subscribe to any related blogs because i get more benefits doing it.

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Visiting Related blogs

Visiting your Niche related blogs is one of the blogging tips and a must do for every blogger, sometimes when i visit any successful blog related to my Niche, i try to look closely to find out what and what that contributed to its success and when you find the secrete of your competitors then you will have the opportunity to outsmart them, you will also have the opportunities to comment and generate more traffic to your blog.

Apart from commenting and getting traffic, visiting other blogs is also one of my blogging tips, to read and improve my own writing skills, writing quality blog post requires some skills which you can only lean by reading other peoples post and writing regularly.

These are the basic blogging tips for Newbie/beginners once you follow all the listed blogging tips accordingly you will surly achieve success.

Let me know the blogging tips that works for you or feel free to ask questions or suggestions blow

Effective Blogging tips for newbie bloggers
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