If you want to pull in a lot of traffic to your website and be successful on the internet, you will have to play by Google’s rules. A lot of web-masters and SEO analysts know that they need to do on-page optimization and off-page SEO to built reputation to their website. One of the widely used and well-known off page SEO technique is to acquire backlinks. When you are providing free content to a blog, you will get a backlink to your website from the author bio or an hyper link in the body of the content. These links that point to your website are expected to be Do-follow and not No-follow.

DoFollow VS NoFollow

Difference between Do-follow and No-follow


Google ranks websites based on a lot of different factors, one of the most important factors is inbound links. Whenever a website gets an inbound link from another relevant and reputed website, the SEO of the site receiving the link juice gets a slight boost. You can fancy good links as points, some links are considered by Google has good and some bad and invalid. So, more good points a website acquires better are its chances to rank in Google search. Google also created this metric called PageRank which calculate the link juice that flows from one page to another.

Days of Dofollow and Nofollow links are gone New SEO Change

As far as SEO is concerned there are 2 types of links, Do-follow and No-follow. Do-follow links are the links that Google counts as points and No-follow links are just inbound links that do no pass any link juice. People have been obviously building a lot of do-follow links to their website to manipulate their position in Google’s search page. Google obviously doesn’t like it. The folks at Google Webspam team lead by Matt Cutts whom a lot of SEO folks hate, has been coming up with a lot of algorithm updates to refine the search engine results as much as possible.


See what Matt Cutts has to say about no-follow links in this video.


There is a lot of web-spam going on right now. If you are an aspiring SEO guy who is learning all the tricks of the game, you should have already come across a lot of software that promises you a lot of do-follow links in a matter of days. It is not going to do any good to your website. Google has been cracking down on any kind of web spam intended to build back links to websites to boost search engine rankings.

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So if you are building or buying links from a lot of shady sources to boost your reputation, you are probably going to get your behind kicked really bad by big “G.” If your site as been receiving a lot of tarffic in the past and all of a sudden it dropped, probably you link builing strategy has been quite aggressive. You can verify it by adding your website to Google Webmasters tools and check if you have a penalty.

Penalty and Do-follow

Now that Google has made it very transparent to web masters about their penalty, people can actually make amends by telling Google what links to consider for ranking and what not to from their Google webmasters dashboard. Additionally they can contact the websites in which they have placed their link and ask them to either remove the links that are hurting their ranking or they can ask them to change it to no-follow from do-follow.

A lot of webmasters and website owners are painstakingly trying to remove the backlinks that are hurting them and trying to change them no-follow links.

Rise of No-follow

You want your links to appear as natural as possible in the eyes of Google. If you have been building a lot of do-follow links and have only a few no-follow links, Google can easily figure out that you are building links to manipulate search results. People who are building inbound links to websites are quite clear on the fact that they should build more no-follow links when compared to do-follow links. It is also good to diversity your anchor text to avoid penalty and improve SEO.

Also, if you are getting backlink from a website and if you are not too sure about the quality of the link you are getting, it is better to leave it a no-follow instead of do-follow link that might actually hurt your rankings.
So to conclude, it is still good to get quality do-follow backlinks from related and reputed websites. However, it is also good have a good amount of no-follow links and maintain a ratio. If you only have a lot of do-follow link, Google is probably going to take it with a grain of salt.

Do-follow Vs No-follow – What Type of Links Should You Build in 2014?