Years back our hustle as a blogger is always to get dofollow links that will help us gain more rank in Google search but that is no long the case today.
A lot of things have changed recently, Google is now hitting some of those website that worked hard to get Dofollow links to their website either by guest posting or by other related means that a lot of them is now asking to make their link a nofollow no longer a dofollow links that we used to fight for.

Make my link Nofollow

I could remember that as of last year no one will accept to publish article on any blog without requesting for a Dofollow link, Nofollow was never acceptable to any guest authors but not anymore.
Guest authors is now asking to make their links Nofollow no longer Dofollow, it sounds interesting right?

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Why Nofollow instead of Dofollow links

Perfect question! The reason is because of the new Google’s algorithm change, Google is making changes to make sure that their system doesn’t allow spammers to benefit from them.
Before the new Google’s algorithm changes all you need to do in other to rank your website is to find a way to put your website links on other websites especially Authority websites and your ranking will be boosted within few months but things have changed recently that we all have to be careful on how we build links.
Google’s new algorithm change targeted those that are trying to trick them, by building unnatural links through lots of means just to boost their website.

Nofollow attribute link

To avoid been penalized by the new Google algorithm, there are two things you need to be careful about namely.

How you build Links.

When building link try to make sure your links has nofollow tags and if possible learn how to do everything natural, you should not be doing anything online specifically to get link but to add value.

Anchor text.

The text you used as your anchor text is also something you should be careful about, don’t use anchor text that does not relate to the destination of the site or build your site link on a site that has nothing in common with your own site.

What Google Expect From You.

Initially Google made it clear that the only way to build links in the right way is when you allow others to link to your site not you seeking to be linked or linking it yourself in one way or the other.
In this case the problem is that for anyone to link your site, you must have something that worth linking to, that means you need to work extra hard to provide something great to enable others spread it for you.

New modern way to boost your site

Since things have changed that we don’t need to be running up and down looking for a way to get DOFOLLOW or NOFOLLOW links what else?

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All you need to succeed as a blogger is to get more targeted traffic to your blog and the question now should be “what can I do to get more visitors to my blog no longer how to get nofollow or dofollow links anymore.
The best way to boost traffic these days has to do with your consistency, can you publish new unique articles once every day or two days, if you can, then do it and within one month you will see that all your articles will be ranking high and your traffic will increase tremendously.
Every Blogger should now worry more about what to write and share no longer how to build numerous links to increase the rank.

This article is about the new SEO change I noticed recently and I decided to share to my readers, I would love to see your own opinion on this, you can as well alert us on the new modern SEO styles we should be aware of to avoid getting penalized by this new Google algorithm changes.

Days of Dofollow and Nofollow links are gone New SEO Change
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