As a blogger can you succeed without the help of Google services, the answer will always be no to almost every blogger because without the help of Google nothing big can be achieved on the internet.
Some people may not understand what i meant by “can you succeed without the help of Google service” now let me explain my reasons why i believe that Google plays a major role in our success as blogger.

Google web traffic:

Without doubt Google is the biggest search engine among all followed by Bing, Yahoo etc.
Google being the best search engine among others makes it our main source of traffic while others follows.
With no doubt there are other means in which we use to get traffic, example through social networks like Facebook, blog commenting, social bookmarking, Email etc, these are the means most bloggers get traffic to their blog but despite that you can’t compare them with the free juicy traffic you get from Google.

Google services

Monetization through Google Adsense:

Despite getting free traffic from Google you are still allowed to make profit through that traffic using one of their services called Google Adsense monetization method.
Look out it this way:
Google search: Sends visitors to your blog
Google adsense: Gives you money through the visitors they sends to your blog, sounds interesting right? But that is the way it works.

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Hope you are now clear about why i asked if any blogger can succeed without the help of Google services, now the remaining question is how to allow Google to help you.

How to allow Google to help you:

The most relevant question you can ever ask is how you can allow Google help you which am going to explain in details.
The truth is that Google will not just send traffic to your Blog and give you money, you are required to meet up to their standard before they can help you, now let us look at the things you can do to make your blog Google’s friend.

Your blog contents:

When am talking about content i mean the information you have in your blog, does it worth sending others to take a look at, does it provide reasons and solutions to the visitors. These are the things Google search is interested in, for that reason try to write unique content, be ready to research and provide something different.

Your blog reputation:

Google is also interested to know what others are say about you and probably how poplar your blog is, it’s obvious that while some bloggers is shutting their blog down for some reasons others are just launching their new blogs on a daily basis.
To gain a lot of trust from Google you must work extra Hard by publishing unique contents on your blog that even other bloggers will be linking to your blog which will be gaining you reputation to show Google that your blog is worthy to be sending visitors to for more knowledge.
Reputation is not something that will happen in two days, you need to work hard and stay long.
Putting everything in place in your Blog:
Apart from writing unique content and gaining online reputation, you are required to put everything in place in your blog.
Example: your blog Design, Loading Speed, user friendly menus Navigation etc.
The above examples is what Google expect you to take care of, before they can help you.
You need to make sure that your blog is user friendly by optimizing the loading speed of your blog, don’t make your visitors wait for 2 minutes before your webpage can open, Google will not accept that, also take care of you blog design, make sure that your readers don’t feel uncomfortable reading your content because of its color design or format.
Take care of your navigation menus, allow your visitors to navigate to all the available pages and categories without any hustle.

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If you can do all this then wait and see how Google can help you and change your life for good because they are truly the king among all.
If you believe you don’t understand anything as stated above don’t hesitate to ask questions using the comment box below or if you have anything to add feel free to do so the door is open.

Can you succeed without Google allow them to help you
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