A written blog can be a very profitable asset for any marketer if used correctly, however it does have its limitations. There are different kinds of people, all with their own preferences. Some love to read, some absolutely hate reading (myself included). And that is just one of the reasons why I recommend every blogger to be creating videos as well.video marketing
This post will be about how to do video marketing and why it works. I do not want to spend too much time on the how, as I believe it’s the less important one. Instead I’ll focus on the reasons why video works. Alright let’s get started.

How to create videos

Like I said this is the easy part. What I recommend you do is to find the nearest camera, put it up, and go sit in front of it talking about your topic. This is by far the easiest way of creating a video and in my opinion the most effective in most cases. You don’t need any expensive equipment, a $100 flip cam, your computer’s webcam or even a cellphone will do! It doesn’t really matter what you use for your videos, what’s important thing is that you are on tape.
This video will help you understand more about video marketing:


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I know that a lot of people are scared of being on camera, heck so am I. First off all: Get over it! There is only one way to get good at video marketing, which is by doing a lot of video, and when you are good you can just talk loose about nothing and still get leads and sales. If you are really scared just create the videos as if you were going to post them, you will still build up your experience that way.

A less recommended way is to create a powerpoint and talk as you go over it, or create a screen capture video instead. Again this shouldn’t be too hard to do, as long as you don’t make it hard. Don’t spend hours a day editing, it’s not really worth it in the end.
So you now know how to easily create videos for your blog, however you have yet to learn why you should be doing it. And luckily for you I’ll be covering that part too ;).

Why video works

Personally I use video because of two reasons: Firstly because it is selfish of you to produce your content by using the written word only! Like I said at the start of this post, people have different preferences.

By only using the format YOU like, you are leaving a part of your audience out of it. Some people may not be able to watch a video at the time they see your site, some don’t feel like reading and want to watch a video instead, you should aim to please as many of them as possible.

The next reason is even more important than the one before! If your intention is to make money with your blog this can definitely help you a lot! So who’d you rather buy from: a close friend or some telemarketer you have never seen (given that it’s the same product)? You’d rather buy from your friend right?

That is the point where video kicks in. If you are watching a video by someone, you are seeing and hearing him or her. This will make people build a bond with you, whether they want it or not as much of this happens in their unconscious minds. What happens when people see a lot of your videos is that they will get to know, like and trust you! You are moving towards the position of a friend, or at least somebody they look up to and respect.

This is a completely different position for selling than you were in before and this position is way better ;)!

What next?

Now I would like to invite you to join me in a challenge. This is the 90-day video challenge. What I want you to do is sit in front of a camera and create a video every day for the next 90 days. If you are like most people the first ones will most likely be awful, but I want you to publish them anyway. Once you have done like 10 or 20 you will feel like you are doing way better than you were in the first video. By day 90 you will likely be a video BEAST, or pretty good at least.

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Hopefully this has helped you realize the power that video holds. Looking to inspire others to take the next step in their business

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