Best web traffic stats among Google Analytics Jetpack stats and Clicky

Best web traffic stats among Google Analytics Jetpack stats and Clicky

How do you check your blog traffic, its important to check your blog web traffic stats to know when you are going forward or backward and will always have the opportunity to know what brings traffic to your website and what they did when they visited your website.
Now what i will be sharing in this post is the best among the 3 mention web traffic stats online checking tools namely:

Google Analytics web traffic stats checking tools:

Am sure this is probably not the first time you are hearing about Google Analytics, you might even be a professional using it.
Google Analytics is one of the best web traffic stats checking tools, with Google Analytics you will be able to find how many visitors who visited your site and their locations including how many page hits on your site, you can as well use it to track your Adsense earnings through Google analytics and so much more but there is one reason why i don’t use it more often.

Some down side of Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be hard to understand at the beginning until you get used to it, secondly there is one serious problem with all this WEB TRAFFIC STATS online checking tools,  sometimes you will see that some of the visitors who visited your site appeared as a Secure search terms or Unknown search term which means you will find it hard to know which of your articles that attracted the visitors that appears as secure and Unknown search terms and am sure you will like to know the particular post that brings you the organic traffic.

Jetpack site stats for WordPress blogs

Another great web traffic stats checker is Jetpack site traffic which gives you the opportunity to find out where all your traffic is coming from and the words they searched and used to find your blog including their IP Addresses but unfortunately it has similar problem with Google Analytics, i normally see lots of Unknown and other search terms which i can’t even know the post that brings them to my blog, that is the major turn down about Google Analytics and Jetpack web traffic Stats
You can see the image below to see how JETPACK WORDPRESS STATS displays some search terms
Unknown and other search terms

My favorite Web traffic stats checker is Clicky stats

Have you had about Clicky web Traffic Analytices which i choose as the best among the 3 listed online traffic stats checking tools and i will tell you why i choose it as my best.

Clicky Stats: Is a free online web traffic stats analytics tools that let you find everything about your website visitors with other added features.
When you use Click Stats in one site then its free and when you intend to use it in multiple sites then you will need to upgrade to premium plan but believe me Clicky stats is the best for me.

Why click web traffic stats analytics is the best for me

1. Clicky Stats is pretty easy to understand and use with Unlimited features.
2. I can simply find all the actions performed by my visitors which i will be sharing with you on how to find the post that your visitors visited even though that they appear to use secure search terms, am always interested in finding what content that brings visitors to my blog and below tips is how i normally find out what brings visitors to my blog even though that they appeared as Unknown and Secure visitors using CLICKY WEB TRAFFIC STATS ANALYTICS.

How to find the Pages visited by Unknown and Secure search visitors using clicky stats

Here is how i normally find the post that attracted hidden visitors using clicky stats.
Secure and unknown search terms
Looking at the above images you will see that there are some visitors that i cannot see the words they searched that brought them to my blog because they appeared to use a secure search terms that made it impossible for me to see the words they searched for but perhaps i can see the article that brings them from search engines see the below image to find out how:
Unknown search terms
What you need to do in other to find the actions of secure search terms is to click the Actions and you will see the particular post that brought the visitor to your site like this one below:
Web traffic stats clicky stats
Clicking Actions will now take you to the visitors path despite appearing as a secure visitors and when looking at the above sample image you will see how i managed to see the post that someone who came from Google search engines using a secure search but i can see the post that he came for, that is the most important thing.

Hope that this post has helped you in determining the best web traffic stats for your website and i will like to know the best online web traffic stats you used that works great for you.