Do you want to take your business online or just want to start a blog?
You have one big task which is finding best web hosting companies to chose from, there is thousands of web hosting companies available for Nigerians and other countries in general, I specifically titled this post best web hosting companies for Nigerians because of the restrictions facing Nigerians in terms of international transactions but some foreign web hosting companies said No to that restrictions.
Before we go more further I will like to explain a little about Web Hosting and what i consider before regarding them as best Web hosting companies.

Cheap web hosting Companies

This should not be considered as an option when choosing web hosting company because they might be other things behind price, example, allocated disk space, bandwidth and other related features, though I know that Nigerians will also want it cheap.

Reliability and customer support

The most important thing to consider before choosing a web hosting company is to check on how reliable and quality of their customer support, before I regard a web hosting company as the best I must test them first.
One significant of a good web hosting company is their ability to listen and solve your problems when it matters most, as a starter when you host you website for the first time you are deemed to have problems.
In terms of good customer support I give Web4africa
the credit I been using them for a year and I have a very good experience with them, when I hosted my account I made a lot of mistakes while trying to add some codes and they never left me or fail to solve my problem when I call on them.
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Server uptime

Almost every web hosting companies claim to run 7/24 hours which is not true for some web hosting companies, even though web hosting companies differs from each other but I cannot say they run 24/7 hours, you can experience partial server errors anytime but sure there are good web hosting companies that might not have problems for months but that does not mean they will never have.

Years in service and customers testimonies

You should know how many years they have been into web hosting business, knowing how many years they have been in business will also give you the opportunity to know how credible they are when making choice.
You also required to look around and see what others are saying about them including checking their site for customer’s response and reviews.

Bandwidth and disk space

Bandwidth and desk space depends entirely on your needs, if you are looking to host a site that will consume more bandwidth and disk space then i suggest you look for suitable plan for your hosting account.

In conclusion: Don’t kill your online business by hosing you website at the wrong place, you need to make a good choice

Recommended best web hosting companies in Nigeria and other countries:

I have many lists of best web hosting companies but I will list only two of them with best services you can get in any web hosting company.
I recommend you use Web4africa or Hostgator as your web hosting company, I know you may like to know why, the answer is simple because they are the best web hosting companies preferred by many Nigerians and rest of the world, there are many shared web hosting companies in Nigeria but I don’t recommend using a web hosting account using by more than 10 people.

Best options for Nigerians

Web4africa and Hostgator is the best option for Nigerians because you don’t need to worry about credit card or PayPal account, all you need to do is to walk straight to the bank and pay for your hosting account either using ATM or pay cash, they also have cheap web hosting plans to chose from.
I have test and trusted them, you can also give them a try and see for your self

Web4Africa Web Hosting

Hostgator Web Hosting

web hosting companies for nigerians and other countries
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