Google Adsense is part of the Google affiliate network. People place adverts and money into the Google AdWords section. The adverts are then spread out on the Adsense side of the network. Adsense is the part that puts adverts on the websites of people who join up. You can have adverts from Google Adsense on your website and you can earn money if people click on your adverts.
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Will Adsense make me rich?

No it will not. The people who get rich off of this sort of thing are owners of massive websites. For example, YouTube has over one billion visitors per month. They are the ones who are making money off of affiliate adverts. Your website or your team of websites is not going to make you rich. People who try really hard will often earn just enough to keep their hosting services paid up and their domain name going.

How do they know if I am clicking my adverts?

They can tell by your IP address, as well as the hundred other ways that they can identify you, such as when you log into your social media accounts and the cookies on your computer, etc. There are a lot of ways of figuring out that it is you clicking your own adverts. Do it a few times and you will get away with it (you won’t be paid for the clicks). But, if you do it too often, then they will assume that you are trying to cheat the system, and they will ban your account.

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Can I use a VPS and click on my adverts?

There is a feeling that using a virtual private server will cover your tracks enough so that you can click on your own adverts and get away with it (i.e. get paid), but it does not work. It may be because they do not count clicks that come from VPS surfing, or it could just be because if a website suddenly starts getting lots of clicks from VPS then they smell a rat.

What if I get my friends to click on my Adsense adverts?

It may work for a short while, and it may work if you get them to do things such as clicking from a library or a college library. But Google soon catch on and will often cancel your account as a result, which means you get no money from it.

Is it the easiest to get accepted for?

It is not very easy, but it is easy enough for most people. Its best feature is that it does not require you to have a massive following, in that you do not have to have massive traffic numbers. It does like you to have a good set of SEO on your website so that you can receive a lot of traffic if needed.

Is it a con?

Some affiliate networks are cons and are just out to mess you around. They may charge you, or make it so that you need hundreds of clicks before you get paid. Sadly, there are lots of cons out there, but the Google ad sense program is not one of them.

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Why isn’t everybody on it?

A lot of people are on it, but some web masters feel that the adverts from affiliate advertising are tacky. Others feel that it is not worth wasting their time and making their website ugly for the sake of a few cents every month.

Why do people complain that they do not pay enough?

This is often the complaint of people who are either getting a low click rate, or who have adverts that simply do not pay much. If you are lucky enough to have adverts about luxury electronics, then you are going to get paid a lot more than if you have adverts about claiming back your PPI on your loans, etc.

Is it difficult to integrate into my website?

The best answer is “mostly no.” It can get mildly tricky to integrate the code into your website and then verify it. The same is true for the Google analytics. They want you to add a bit of code into your website and then verify. If you can get this done, then you are home free. There are a few online books that you read and there are online articles that will help you to do it correctly.

Can I use it with a content management system?

It is great with most mainstream content management systems. Most of them are set up so that it is very easy to integrate your website via the content management system. Most of the CMS designers know that you are going to use affiliate advertising and most of them assumed it would be Adsense that you use. So they have created tools to help you put it into your website with a lot of ease.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Google Adsense
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