As an avid internet user, what makes you click on a link and start reading an article or blog post? You’ll probably tell me that it is the title and that is a very common answer. The next question is, what makes you stay on the page and actually read through the whole thing? Well, this is a no-brainer…it is the content but there’s actually more to it.

Headlines help make the content more appealing to read. And the smartest bloggers and online publishers out there make use of the right headline templates to ensure their audiences stay longer. If you’re wondering how to craft these eye-catching headlines, here are 6 templates that you can start with:

Headline template

1. Numbered Headlines

A numbered headline list is always eye-catching and interesting. For one, it makes for an easy read and second, everyone loves reading lists. Good examples of numbered headlines templates include:

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need to ______
  • The Five Best ______ Remedies
  • 5 ______ Personalities – Which are You?

2. Mysterious Headlines

When a headline is mysterious, it sparks a reader’s curiosity. Capture their interest from your headline and don’t divulge information until they read through the content. Everyone loves a good mystery. A few examples of this type of headline template are:

  • The Only Truth About ______
  • Five Must-Have Tools to Get Ready for ______
  • The Best Tricks in the Book to Get Your ______

3. Challenging Headlines

When you pose a challenge, this grabs the attention of readers. It’s an instant psychological enhancer as the reader wants to know more about the challenge and see if he or she can overcome it. Using this type of headline will require using “you” to address the reader directly. Use these examples as a guide:

  • What You Will Never Understand About ______
  • Why You are Not Destined to Succeed in ______

4. Figures Headlines

Readers are easily attracted to figures and numbers. In fact, people are going on the internet to look for realistic and effective solutions. You can try these headlines out:

  • How I Got ______ in a Day/Week
  • Increase Your ______ by __% in Two Weeks

5. Unusual Headlines

When readers read something out of the ordinary, this sparks interest too. They’d probably read the headline again and check if they read it right the first time. And when they make sure, this will interest them into reading your post more. Sometimes, weird can really be good if you know how to use it right. Here are a few good examples of unusual headlines:

  • What My Father Taught Me About ______
  • Five Tricks President Obama Taught Me About ______
  • How to Make Sure that Hackers Hack Your ______
  • ______ Tools so Good They’ll Make You Wanna Slap Your Momma!

6. Question Headlines

Asking a question is a good way to get reader interest. Once they read the question, they’ll ask themselves and check if their answer is related to what you’re writing about. It’s either they want to know more or share what knowledge they have about the topic. But the bottom line is that you want them to click your link. Use question headlines like:

  • Do You Really Believe in ______?
  • Are You Doing the Right Thing in ______?


Try these headlines out and see how your audience will respond to your posts from now on. Be sure to come back and let us know if there are any interesting improvements.

6 Headline Templates That Works Great
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