Newbie bloggers always ask questions about blogging to improve their own blogging experience, some beginners also ask to get answers to their problem which i was one of them.
As a new blogger there must be some confusing questions which you seek answers to, or not clear enough with the answers you find, then this post is for you, i will be sharing my own experience with you and am sure before the end of this post all the questions you have regarding to your blog will be answered in full details.
Without wasting much of your time below is the list of 6 most asked blogging questions and answers.

Most asked blogging questions and answers

1. Can i blog

I will like to start with this question can i blog, do you know that there is thousands of bloggers all over the world yet more are still joining while some still ask CAN I BLOG.

#Answer: Blogging is a good thing if you ask me and best when you have passion for it, being a blogger is not the problem but being a successful blogger is always hard, while there is thousands of bloggers all over the world, there is few successful bloggers around.
Now the question is, can you do what it takes to be a successful blogger, you can read one of my post titled Don’t create a blog if you can’t blog. the post will tell you more about blogging and what to expect in blogging.

2. When and how to build links

Some New bloggers always ask question about when to start building back-links to their new blog or how to build back-links.

#Answer: There are other things to take care of before thinking of building back-links which i suggest you concentrate on creating and publishing quality content to your new blog before thinking of back-links and you should at least wait for 3-4 weeks before building back-links to your blog to avoid search engines regarding your links as spam.
We also have some few ways of building back-links which is as follows:

=> Guest Post.
=> Blog commenting.
=> Social bookmaking
=> Joining forums etc.

3. What is guest post and when to write guest post

One of blogging questions Beginners ask today is what is guest post, when to start writing guest post and how to use them to build back-links and gain traffic to their new blog.

#Answer: Guest post is an article written to be posted to another blog as a guest and contributor to that blog, guest post has become the most poplar way to build links and online exposure, though there was some speculations about Google penalizing blogs using guest post.
The truth about guest post is that some bloggers use it wrongly and when you use it wisely then you have nothing to fear about.

4. How to use Guest post the right way

I know you might not understand what i meant when i say using guest post wisely to avoid Google penalizing your blog and you might be confuse about right and wrong about guest post.

Answer: Oh yes there is good and bad ways of using guest post which may trigger Google’s alarm, as i said bloggers use guest post to build links and increase their blog rankings but Google would not accept link spamming.
Now here is some things you should not do to make your guest post genuine

Only submit your guest post to related blogs: Do you know that some fashion designing blogs are now writing SEO related post to get back-links and traffic, that is the kind of links Google may see as spam because both blogs that links to each other has nothing in common.
As a blogger, be careful of the kind of blog you link to no matter how important the articles is to you to avoid facing the consequences in the future.

5. When to monetize you blog

This question is often asked by newbie bloggers, they always want to start to monetize their blog either by affiliate marketing or CPC ads network like Google adsense.

Answer: This question has many and different answers from different bloggers, here are some answers from different bloggers:

=> Wait to rank your site before monetizing your blog.
=> Build more readers before monetizing your blog.
=> You can start immediately you don’t need to wait.

The above Answers is what you can actually find concerning this particular question, but remember the choice is all you’s but my answer is (You can start immediately you don’t need to wait) but don’t be greedy too much ads can kill your blog, i chose to start immediately because you need to allow your readers to learn your styles earlier, if you decide to wait and build readers then they will still be surprised when they finally see’s ads appearing so i better build audience that will accept the circumstances and get used to it, only use wisely don’t add too much ads to your blog at the beginning.

6. Should i comment to unrelated blogs

New bloggers always get confused when reading most of online article discouraging them to avoid comment to unrelated blogs.

Answer: You can go ahead to comment to unrelated blogs if you find the post interesting and feel link commenting because there are other benefit like Alexa rankings which can be added to sites linking to your blog, but i suggest you comment more on related blogs that will not only give you links but targeted audience especially in blogs with comment luv enabled.

Conclusion: All the above questions and answers is based on my own experience which your own experience might be slightly or entirely different from mine.

I will be happy if you can share your own experience below so that we can as well learn from your own experience

6 Most asked blogging questions and answers
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