The popularity of video games leads to the developers and industries towards more technology advances. Today various types of video games are available in the market which is still expanding day by day. The types of video games are different from each other in terms of interaction, gameplay and category.  However, you will also find the similar concept games so how can we differentiate them with each other. The difference lies in the playing mode and interaction with the game. Video games are divided into different categories and these are as follows:
Video Games

#1. Action Video Games

The most popular category of video games is action video games. These kinds of gaming are one of the basic types which requires reflex capability and timings of players during play. Most of popular action video games are based on popular action movies. The latest example of this category is Tron: Evolution which is based on the movie Tie-in. The graphics used in these games are very striking with the use neon colors. This game is successful in offering the visual satisfaction to the players because it had effectively recreated the grid of motion picture. Another example of popular action video game is Tomb Raider: Legend which is developed for the players to face more challenges which in turn creates interest in a gamer.

#2. Racing Video Games:

The video games in the category of Racing have the main aim of winning the race. The gaming mechanics in this category involves the racing of supercar or superbike with the objective of winning the race. Racing game category was actually the pioneer of the video game industries. One of the popular examples is Burnout: Revenge which is one of the parts of Burnout series of video games.

#3. Adventure Video Games:

The video games in the category of Adventure make the use of action video game characteristics. One of the popular adventure video game is The Secret of Monkey Island which was created by LucasArts. In this game there are many whimsical and wit adventure. This is very classic game as it involves various knowledgeable puzzles and memorable characters. There is another very popular adventure video game i.e. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence which is actually the extended version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and thus it include some characteristics of Metal Gear: Solid Snake and some of  the original Metal Gear.

#4. Strategy Video Games:

This gaming category is developed to carry out the thought process and planning skills of players. This category involves tactical game and real-time strategy (RTS) game. The popular example of this category game is The StarCraft II. It portrays battle of 26th century for preeminence of epic section.

#5. RPGs or Role Playing Games:

Role Playing Video Game has now establishes their presence in video game industry. One of the popular examples of video game in this category is Fable III which features a hero who is intended to generate a revolution, conquest the throne after defeating the king and annihilating an evil creature that makes threats on the land and people.

5 Different Types Of Video Games you should know
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