Whether blogging is your business or you have a simple blog for your business, you can count on the numerous plugins of WordPress that can assist you in growing your business blog with less time and effort.
The bits and pieces of code that automatically activates a specific feature or function in your blog once installed are called plugins.

These plugins can be installed directly from your WordPress dashboard by clicking the “plugin link” in the sidebar. You can also search the name of the plugin you are looking by type or category. When the plugin is installed already, you need to click “activate” and, in some instances, follow some instructions to activate the application.

From social sharing to raising your search engine visibility and moderating comments, here are four essential plugins that every business owner must install in his or her business blog:

1. All in One SEO

Give your blog an extra boost with the All in One SEO plugin. This plugin adjusts your blog settings to make it easier for search engines to index your blog contents.
It is very simple and easy to use. When you scroll down at the low end, you just have to fill out the headings properly such as the title, keywords and meta description box for your blog. Once you are done in filling out the necessary information, the plugin will handle the rest.
For advanced users, you will benefit from All in One SEO that allows you to change the index settings of your blog according to your specifications. This feature can give you better targeted results.
If you want to try this plugin, utilize the basic plugin, which is free. However, for Pro users, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $39/month, which includes free support. There is $10 additional charge for a month if you do not want ads on the options page.

2. Akismet

The Akismet plugin is a powerful spam checker. It automatically checks every comment that comes into your blog. If it is a spam, it is automatically filtered, marked and moved into a separate folder where it can be deleted with one click. If you want to save a lot of time in screening your spammers, this system is remarkably reliable.
Akismet charges a minimal fee of $5 a month. There are also alternative plugins that come for free, such as Disqus, which is a comment override plugin and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. However, these plugins poses some disadvantages. For example, these systems discourage blog comments because they require those who will comment on the blog to jump through additional pages in order to complete the process.

3. Social Sharing Plugins

Your blog visitors can now easily share their favorite blog posts with plugins such as ShareThis or AddThis. These plugins automatically inserts icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms at the start or the end of every post. The social media plugins can be downloaded free, all you have to do is to provide interesting blog content.

Please take note that not all plugins are attuned with different WordPress versions. Make sure you have the updated version of WordPress before you download a new plugin. If a plugin does not work properly, it could be incompatible with your theme or other options. To resolve this, simply deactivate the plugin and delete it safely.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress

This powerful free plugin brings Google Analytics right into your dashboard. Once you update your blog, you will see stats, traffic graph, top post, top searches, top referrers and many more. You can use all of these data to skyrocket your blog and make it even more popular.

4 Essential WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs
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