Every day the internet accessing is increasing rapidly. However, the Marketing on business computation in internet is also increasing gradually. The Search engine primary objective appears the most prominent search results depends on the search query. The Search engine optimization primary objective is display the business at the top of the search results without paying services. The Search engine updates new algorithm to display more relevant information, the website follows these algorithms to get top of the search engine. The search engine rules in the ethical manner can increase the SEO rankings and penalize if the website follows the rules in un-ethical manner.

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There are many websites in the internet, but who is following the most SEO techniques, their website gets a top position on the Search engine. The Professional SEO Services provider or who has a minimum knowledge on SEO and Social media techniques can optimize a website and attracts a lot of potential customers to the website. There are three techniques to attract a lot of potential customers. The Content marketing, images and video marketing are a main part to attract potential customers and increase the SEO rankings.
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Article Marketing:

The content is the king of SEO, the text content can attract a lot of potential customers and Google Spiders. The Google bot easily understand the content marketing in the form of text. Most of the SEO ranking factors depend on the content and keyword. The brief information on the webpage is included in the Meta tags and title is explaining overall information of the web page. The high quality content which helps the people always shares through social media, consequently the product information spread globally.

Image optimization:


A picture is worth a thousand words of meaning. Most of the new trend doesn’t have sufficient time to read the content, prefer images or videos or audio to know about all information. Consequently, a lot of social networks also depend on the image marketing and getting a lot of traffic to the website and extremely getting traffic through Images. The brief information of the images with a human attracted picture can turn a lot of buyers to the business. The images with target keywords ALT tag can increase the SEO rankings as well.

Video marketing:

Video marketing can attract a lot of visitors and video marketing is a key factor in the new Google panda algorithm. Every day a lot of viewers especially the US citizen gaining the knowledge and know about the business information through Video sharing sites, the YouTube and Vimco websites are top position on the video marketing. More than 200 million users daily visiting the videos and it’s a huge amount of SEO Strategy to attract online visitors to the business. Most of the visitors interested to see the videos with two to ten minutes preferable. The previous analytic report tells that online viewers won’t spend much more time; the brief information of the video can attract a lot of traffic. The attracted video would share through the social networking sites. The combination of these three content marketing strategies can attract a bulk amount of customers to increase business growth. Place the most relevant website in the video description to increase SEO rankings.

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Attracts the potential customers to the business is one of the best strategies in the SEO.  Most of the social sharing sites, video sharing sites allow a link with nofollow attribute, but nofollow link also consider increasing SEO rankings. The links from different social sites can boost the ranking factors as well. The Google considers the Social signals to increase the SEO rankings.  The Google considers overall ranking factors include these three marketing strategies to increase SEO ranking, not one ranking factor.

3 SEO Marketing steps
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