Are you a blogger looking for Blogging tips that can help you achieve success then you have come to the right place at the right time because i have useful tested and trusted blogging tips that will definitely help you to move to the next level.

Blogging tips

As we know being a blogger is not just hosting and installing wordpress¬† but knowing the ticks and tips in blogging matters a lot, i happened to be one of those who started blogging without knowing major blogging tips which led to my failure, the first two blog i started with failed because i don’t understand a lot of things about blogging but my first failure has thought me a lesson and am glad that i have learn and will not make the mistake a again because i know better now.

3 major blogging tips for you

Here are the 3 useful blogging tips to improve you blog and achieve success

I will tell you the story about how i started my own blogging career and how i failed for the first time in my next post but for now let look at this 3 useful blogging tips that can help you standout in the cloud.

#1. Manage your time effectively

Managing your time well is one of blogging tips you should be aware of as a blogger you should try to manage your time effectively, as we always say time is money when you useless your time than you are missing lots of money or opportunities, blogging is all about doing what you need to do at the appropriate time.

Let me list out some necessary things that requires your time as a blogger:

Writing Content

You need time to write some good and perfect articles to post on your blog and when you write something good then you are giving your readers reasons to stick to your blog but the question is, how much time have you spent writing you blog post.

You need to schedule you time to meet up to your expectations, some bloggers schedule to be publishing 2 articles per week while some chose to publish more or less then 2 articles per week, have you been able to maintain your blog post schedule or are you spending your time to other things that doesn’t matter.

Spend time to read and comment

Am sure you understand how important reading and commenting in other related blog is, but the question is, how much time did you normally spent reading and commenting in your competitors blogs, i know that some people now sees blog commenting differently because some desperate bloggers uses it to spam their fellow bloggers all in the name of building back-links forgetting the main purpose of blog commenting, as i keep saying it a good blog comment should add more weight to the main post, you also need to read before commenting but i bet you 90 at of 100 will never read a post before commenting in a blog they can only do you a favor by looking at the post title.

#2. Write complete Articles

Yes writing and publishing complete articles to your blog is one of the major BLOGGING TIPS you should not underestimate, when i say complete articles i mean giving complete details in any topic you are writing about because the big G (Google) is looking for blogs that delivers full detailed articles and will do what ever it takes to deliver best result to the people who needs it.

Another thing you need to know about Writing Articles is that no matter what topic you write about you should know that someone else has also written something about it but what makes it special is that your word is your own as they say, your own experience matters most, when you write an article about something you know no matter how popular the article is, you own will always look and sound different, that is what uniqueness is all about.

Now let me ask you how many word do you normally write for your blog post? in this case i will say is up to you to write more or less but i will suggest you write an article containing 600 to 1000 words or 500 to 1000 words depending how you want it but remember your article must be interesting and informative, writing 1000 words that has no useful meaning is better to write 500 words that will retain and attract more readers to your blog.

#3. You need to learn SEO

What do you know and understand about Search Engine Optimization, well seo is what you must learn before calling yourself a blogger, not knowing about search engine optimization is one of the major thing that contributed to my failure when i first started blogging but today i have at least learned some seo and other blogging tips that can sustain me.

When i talk about Search engine optimization i simply mean ranking and and being visible to search engines like Google bing etc
to learn more about search engine optimization read: Seo tutorial that will improve your blog search engines rankings

I hope you have learned some useful blogging tips through this post and i will be glad to hear what you have to say about the 3 major blogging tips above or better still add your own contribution below and i will be glad to learn more blogging tips from you after all we all fight for success.

3 Major blogging tips for newbie and pro-bloggers
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