Believe it or not, kids like to socialize with people beyond the geographical limits. With the giant social networking market teens and tweens have an urge to be part of what the masses do. To keep them on a safer side and with the accordance of their age, these networking markets have designed special social networking sites for kids. This help kids to stay updated with the networking societies and initiates a sense of ownership when presenting themselves. Since kids belong to a younger age group, networking sites are built in an easy and extremely friendly manner.

Kids Love these Social Network

 When the idea for kids social networking site spread around, designers flooded the market with the new and innovative groups for preteens. Whatever was designed was developed under strict rules and regulation set up by the government. Below listed sites are best in terms of their usage, facilities, privacy and maturity level of these preteens. There are ten best kids’ social networking sites for kids.


#1. Scuttle Pad

Scuttle Pad is an amazing social media group where kids above 7 years old can pool in and communicate with kids around them. It is one of the easy sites to handle and enjoy as the restriction level is limited to the kids level. They can make friends, comment, send message and upload photos as well. This is all done approved by the staff and then gets to the people ahead.


#2. Together Ville


Together Ville is also for kids above age 7. What is different about this site is that kids need their parent’s Facebook account to be part of it. This means that parent can keep a check on their kids easily. The site is also restricted to the limited search options and pages.


#3. is one of the most reliable social sites for kids. They make sure that all their users are children above 7 years old and not an elder bullying member. This helps to maintain clean and healthy atmosphere on the page. Here, parents have the authority to deactivate their child’s account whenever they want.


#4. Your sphere



Your sphere is another safe site for kids above 9 years old. It allows making friends and staying in touch with them. It also keeps the bullying lot out of reach.


#5. Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks is for kids above 10 years old. It acts in the similar way with its rules and regulation for kids. Here, kids are free to enjoy with the friends whenever they log in but again this site also works according to the COPPT set rules.


#6. Girl Sense

Girl Sense is the site where all the filtered words and material get on the screen. It is basically for girls above 10 years old.


#7. Sweety High


Sweety High is another site for girls. The age group begins from 11 years old girls. Here, they are under parent’s supervision as to what they share post and come across.


#8. Fanlala

Fanlala for kids above 10 years old is little different and appears a little mature when dealing. It has the same features of chatting and sharing but all under parent’s authority.


#9. Your Cause

Your Cause site is for kids above 13 years old. It enables the joined kids to share their common interest and causes and form a good healthy relationship with each friend.


#10. Giant Hello



Giant Hello site is for kids above 10 years old. Here the best part is no unknown can become your friend. Instead only those who have communicated live in real life are allowed to be friends with each other.

These are ten best social networking sites that helps parents to teach their kids as to how to be the part of the social media network and yet to be in the set limits of every individual.

10 Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids