Hostgator New Paid Search Policy changes

If you are promoting hostgator then this information is for you as hostgator decided to make some changes to their affiliate Paid Search Policy as stated below:

Big news, affiliates. We’re updating our Affiliate Terms of Service, and specifically section six, the Paid Search Policy. These new changes will go into effect Monday April 27th, and all affiliates will be required to update their campaigns by Thursday, April 30th.


Here is a summary of the major changes:

  • All affiliates are now prohibited from bidding or showing up on any terms that include HostGator trademarks, any variations and/or mispellings thereof, without prior written approval from HostGator.
  • Bidding on previously sanctioned terms such as [ hostgator coupons ], [ hostgator promotions ], or [ hostgator promos ] will no longer be allowed.