WordPress Super Cache Plugin Vulnerability Urgent Update

Do you have a wordpress install in your website? if yes then this is for you, we have received notification from WordPress Users utilizing WordPress, who have also installed the WP Super Cache plugin, are being urged to update to the latest version of the plugin (1.4.4) as soon as possible. A cross site scripting… [Read More]

critical WordPress vulnerability was discovered by a security experts

A critical WordPress vulnerability

This is to inform all my readers and visitors to take note of this Critical WordPress Vulnerability issue discovered by WordPress security researchers and experts informing all that uses WordPress to tighten their belts to make sure that their blog/websites is protected at all cost. Here is the mail i received from ManageWP Dear ………….,… [Read More]

5 Recommended WordPress SEO to make your blog healthy

Wordpress Seo

WordPress seo is all about how to optimize your wordpress blog for search engines, as we know a healthy blog is equal to visible blog and when visible the greater chance of success, great bloggers always use wordpress as their blog platform, but the truth is that wordpress is the best blogging platform but not… [Read More]

WordPress has been Updated from version 3.5.1 to 3.5.2

Wordpress updated to verion 3.5.2

wordpress has finally launched another update that deals more on securities to protect it users from unnecessary loop holes, below is the features of WordPress version 3.5.2. security fix Version 3.5.2 fixes seven security issues: * Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) via the HTTP API. CVE-2013-2199. * Privilege Escalation: Contributors can publish posts, and users can… [Read More]

Mistake you must avoid as a blogger using WordPress

I am glad to share the experience i got through my year of blogging using WordPress, i started blogging few years now but something happened to me when I started as a newbie and i guess you might learn from my mistakes. I started blogging using WordPress and everything was moving fine as expected especially… [Read More]