Free webhosting BlogSpot, WordPress or cheap hosting to start with

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Free web-hosting might no longer be an option for both newbie and pro-bloggers, simply because it now cost a penny (little amount of money) to have your own web-hosting account that will give you full access to customize your blog without any limitations and your blog being shut down unknowingly. Firstly let not forget the […]

How hosting services manage unlimited offers for various hosting packages?

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Unlimited is the most commonly preferred word used by hosting service providers. But, in reality how trust worthy and beneficial unlimited features works cannot be answered with confidence. Most of the hosting companies provide unlimited options in disk space, bandwidth, and hosting, but the important point is that all the websites might not require unlimited […]

The Benefits Of Off-Site Servers

A number of businesses have become aware of the advantages in using an off-site server rather than running their onsite one which is known have many drawbacks.   In spite of the fears that many people have about going off-site with their data, the benefits have also drawn plenty toward making the decision. The first benefit […]

web hosting companies for nigerians and other countries

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Do you want to take your business online or just want to start a blog? You have one big task which is finding best web hosting companies to chose from, there is thousands of web hosting companies available for Nigerians and other countries in general, I specifically titled this post best web hosting companies for […]