Hostgator New Paid Search Policy changes

If you are promoting hostgator then this information is for you as hostgator decided to make some changes to their affiliate Paid Search Policy as stated below: Big news, affiliates. We’re updating our Affiliate Terms of Service, and specifically section six, the Paid Search Policy. These new changes will go into effect Monday April 27th, […]

Promo Nigeria Ads opportunity for publishers and advertisers

Promo Nigeria Advertising

Have you hard about Promo Nigeria Advertising Network which is now another great opportunity for Nigerians to advertise their product and make money online with their blog/websites, Promo Nigeria Advertising actually looks and works great when i tested it and i will recommend Nigerians to use it to advertise their product or to make money […]

Paid Ads Vs Organic Ads Vs Local Search Clicks – Know Everything In Detail

Paid ads oranic ads and local search clicks

The web development industry is getting more and more popular around the world and this is why business houses are looking for some different methods to promote their goods and services. When developing a site for your company, the eventual objective is to enhance the amount of web traffic that you receive over a period […]