The Facts On Realistic free google advertising Plans

NO more google keyword tools

But another look so you’d recognize that it’s got considerably more to offer. Typically it offers one of the links to your website, contact number, plus your address. One has only to look at Google’s Ad – Words program to appreciate this might be another major advertising venue for Google and another method for companies… [Read More]

Can you succeed without Google allow them to help you

Google services

As a blogger can you succeed without the help of Google services, the answer will always be no to almost every blogger because without the help of Google nothing big can be achieved on the internet. Some people may not understand what i meant by “can you succeed without the help of Google service” now… [Read More]

Answers to frequently asked questions about Google Adsense

Goodle adsense invalid activities

Google Adsense is part of the Google affiliate network. People place adverts and money into the Google AdWords section. The adverts are then spread out on the Adsense side of the network. Adsense is the part that puts adverts on the websites of people who join up. You can have adverts from Google Adsense on… [Read More]

Deciding on Simple Advice Of google adwords advertising

Rather than targetting a keyword which includes say 2,000,000 searches per month, it will be much better to target numerous smaller keywords each with say around 100,000 searches. That way, you’re in full charge of who views your ad knowning that it reaches the best people all the time. You have to be prepared to… [Read More]

Promo Nigeria and Adynamo which one is better

Best between Promo Nigeria and Adynamo ads

Promo Nigeria and Adynamo is the only Ad networks available to all Nigerian Bloggers and allows them to earn money online and withdraw it so easily by paying them directly to their bank accounts unlike Adsense checks. Th problem many Nigerian Bloggers face with this two ads networks (Promo Nigeria and Adynamo) is that none… [Read More]

New changes made by Google Adsense they are now friendly

Goodle adsense invalid activities

Google Adsense made couple of changes recently and i decided to share it with you and see what you have to say about it, when i started blogging i had lots of complaints from bloggers and webmasters in general about how hard Google Adsense team was on them, some even ended up calling them one… [Read More]